a world so undecided


I decided to watch all of Cardcaptors all over again. It’s been great. Horrible English dub writing and all.

Except, I have room mates. And they were in the kitchen while I was watching it last night. And they commented loudly on how they “always hated that asshole”, and “I always loved how the dick only got the wood card.”


Nope. Not in my house.

And when I instantly told them how Sakura catches the wood card like 3rd (I think it’s actually 5th) they said “oh, yeah.” and continued to talk about Pokemon instead.

So to solve this, I’ll be finishing up the second season of Cardcaptors— swiftly moving onto the last Season. Reading my hideously awful old fanfictions and perhaps fruitlessly, rewriting ones that I might still like. Also, drowning myself in fan art of this amazing ship.